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All members of the Vikings Society share responsibility for setting and maintaining a high standard of authenticity – it is not just the business of the Society’s authenticity team. However, some members of the Society do have a more formal role and are here to help everyone to attain the high standards that are essential to the Society's ongoing success.

Who are the authenticity team?

Authenticity High Thegn

The Authenticity High Thegn has overall responsibility for authenticity within the Society. They are responsible for:

  • appointing, managing, monitoring and quality-assuring Certified Authenticity Thegns (CATs).
  • advising the Konungr and High Council on matters of authenticity.
  • supporting and advising the Society Living History Officer on matters of authenticity.
  • providing the Society with official authenticity guidelines.

The Authenticity High Thegn will appoint a Certified Authenticity Thegn to act as his deputy.

The Authenticity High Thegn can be contacted on authenticity[at]

Certified Authenticity Thegns (CATs)

Certified Authenticity Thegns are appointed by the Authenticity High Thegn. They are responsible for:

  • advising members of the Society on authenticity matters.
  • carrying out advanced (Drengr-level) kit assessments and signing-off passes.
  • supporting the Living History Thegns to ensure authenticity of the LHE.
  • They may act as Responsible CAT at medium or major events.

Trainee CATs (kittens) may carry out the duties of a CAT under supervision. If you're interested, see how to become a CAT - you don't have to be a CAA or Group Authenticity Officer to do so.

A full list of current CATs can be found on the assessing officers page.

Certified Authenticity Advisers (CAAs)

Certified Authenticity Advisers are awarded this honorific title to reflect the depth of knowledge they make available to the Society. They are:

  • recognised experts in specific aspects of the history, archaeology, literature and/or material culture of the early medieval period.
  • responsible for advising the Authenticity High Thegn and members of the Society on authenticity matters relating to their area of expertise.

Certified Authenticity Advisers are not Society officers. The title is an honorific and not a Society officership.

Group Authenticity Officers

Every Lethang and Herred must have Group Authenticity Officer. They are:

  • Responsible for basic (Fri-hals) kit assessments and advising group members on authenticity (especially new members).

Group Authenticity Officers should be familiar with the Society’s authenticity guidelines and communicate them to their group as needed. If no Group Authenticity Officer is appointed, the role falls to the group leader by default.

It is possible for one individual to hold a number of these roles concurrently.