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Welcome to "The Vikings!" Authenticity Pages

These pages are intended to bring together information on all sorts of kit, costume, LHE equipment, arms and armour used by members of "The Vikings!" reenactment society so that members of the Society and our guests can find out what is appropriate to wear at any given event.

The aim is to provide unofficial complimentary information to the official race-specific kit guides published elsewhere, not to replace them. Links to the Society's official kit guides will be provided in due course.

Similarly, the information here frequently summarises or refers to longer reports published on the Society's DocStore. The wiki is intended to make some of this material more accessible, not to replace the detailed documentation.

While we know a good deal about the early medieval period, our understanding is far from perfect and continues to evolve, especially with new archaeological finds. A key purpose for this wiki is to allow new information to be presented. Discussion about the information given on a particular item should be kept to its "Discussion" tab, which anyone can edit.

The "Page" information, which gives details and advice emerging from both the Society's official position on the topic and discussion here and elsewhere, can only be edited by individuals who've been deemed worthy and given the appropriate permission.

Logo.gif Official Society rules

While the wiki is intended to provide a wide range of helpful information, it also includes formal authenticity requirements which apply to members of the Vikings Society and any guests attending our events. These are indicated in text boxes with the Society logo, like this.

Work in progress This wiki is currently under construction and probably always will be! The information presented may well need updating or correcting. If you feel that there are errors or evidence we should include, please do leave comments using the "Discussion" tab on the relevant page. There are some particular pages that have been highlighted as incomplete where suggestions for addition/improvement will be extra-welcome.


Authenticity and the Vikings Society

Getting started

Context and background

Intended to foster a better understanding of the early mediaeval mindset, and enable a better quality of general presentation.


Social position


Early mediaeval culture

Materials and decoration





Basic costume

Specialist costume and equipment

LHE Equipment

Camp Equipment

Craft Equipment

Arms and armour





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