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Everything you need to know about guilds in the society can be found in this document Guilds within The Vikings

A summary

  • A Guild (Gildi) is a group of people from multiple Herreds, Leðangs or Provincials that have come together for a common interest across the Society.
  • A minimum of six members are required to found a Guild three of whom must be Drengr.
  • The HC is to approve the founding of a guild.
  • A Guild that drops below six members may continue but its officers will not qualify for awards.
  • A Guild is composed of the general membership (may include Society officers but in their private membership capacity only).
  • A Guild may be qualifying, that is those wishing to join must first complete a specific Society qualification before applying for membership. E.G. To join the Bakers Guild the member must have successfully completed the Basic Baking Assessment. Such a requirement must be in the Guild proposal and be approved by HC, as must any subsequent changes to the qualifying requirement.
  • A guild must have a mission statement and a Guild Leader.
  • A Guild must have a constitution to regulate the appointment of officers and any awards it may make internally.
  • Other Guild Officers may be appointed if appropriate. (E.G. Treasurer)
  • A Guild may propose its own Guild Master but they must be approved by the Konungr.
  • A Guild may collect funds from its members but must have the appropriate officers, submit accounts to the Society Treasurer annually and comply with all financial regulations required by the Society and external bodies that regulate finances.
  • Guilds may not organise shows.
  • Guilds may assist a Herred or Lethang with a show in order to display their specialist skill or interest.
  • Guilds may organise Guild related Events that do not clash with major shows or within 50 miles medium shows.
  • Guilds may organise Guild related activities at all shows with the permission of the society member organising the show.

What guilds currently exist?