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Chronological scope

The Vikings Society primarily re-enacts events in the British Isles c.800-c.1100, roughly speaking from the first viking attacks in 793 to the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. This wiki will extend both before and after the core period, both to trace the evolution of changing tastes and to support members when we are involved in events with a much earlier or later dateline.

This was a very turbulent period and saw a good deal of change in political, economic, social, cultural, linguistic and military life. Fashions and tastes changed considerably.

  • Pre-viking - sometimes called the "Anglian" period, typically portraying life at West Stow;
  • Eighth century - England was dominated by the powerful Mercian kings Aethelbald and Offa;
  • Ninth century - the "first Viking Age";
  • Tenth century - sometimes called the ‘long tenth century’, this saw the formation of the kingdom of the English (c.900-950). The second Viking age (c.990-1016) which saw the conquest of England by Cnut of Denmark is best seen as part of the tenth century;
  • Eleventh century - the period 1050+ saw the spread of Norman-French fashions and armament to England and Scandinavia, accelerated by the events of 1066;
  • Twelfth century - the Angevin period, where England was part of an empire stretching from the Scottish borders to Provence;
  • Later medieval


Giving names to different chronological periods can be very helpful - after all, it's much more interesting to talk about "the viking age" than "the ninth to earlier eleventh centuries". Unfortunately, the same name can mean different things in different contexts. For example:

  • "Iron age": in Scandinavia, this extends up to the start of the viking age (i.e. the end of the eighth century).
  • "Viking age": English and Scandinavian scholars generally use this to mean the ninth to eleventh centuries (approximately 793-1066).
  • "Norman period": this starts in 1066 for English historians and archaeologists. However, in Wales the Norman period may begin nearer 1070, and in Ireland it starts with Strongbow's expeditions in the 1160s.
  • In Iceland the "Viking Age" lasts c. AD 870-1000, followed by the "Early Medieval" period (AD 1000-1264).

Other chronological periods

For completeness, this wiki covers a slightly wider chronological period than the Vikings Society's core period (c.800-1100).

These additional chronological periods are included for information and for completeness. Members of the Vikings Society may not use them at Society events unless explicitly requested.

Logo.gif Other chronological periods and kit checks

  • Members of the Vikings Society may wish to develop kit for other chronological periods (eg the Anglian period or the twelfth century, Such kit will not ordinarily be accepted as a kit check for members of the Vikings Society seeking promotion to Drengr.


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