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Logo.gif Core culture types

  • The Vikings Society primarily re-enacts events in the British Isles c.800-1100. We expect all members to Society to have or work towards at least one set of kit from the following commonly-used culture and kit types.

Core culture types and kit checks

Any member of the Vikings Society seeking promotion to Drengr must pass two advanced kit checks. The first kit assessment must be one of the core culture types appropriate to the British Isles c.800-1100, i.e.

It may be higher or lower status, male or female.

Chronology of Society kit (male and female)
Kit type Earlier 9th century (c.793-850) Later 9th century (c.850-900) Earlier 10th century (c.900-970) Later 10th century (c.970-1020) Late 11th century (1050+)
Anglo-Saxon / English Anglo-Saxon (9th C variant) Anglo-Saxon (9th C variant) Anglo-Saxon (10th C variant) Anglo-Saxon (10th C variant) Late 11th century (English variant)
Anglo-Danish Option not available Option not available Anglo-Saxon (Anglo-Danish variant) Anglo-Saxon (Anglo-Danish variant) Late 11th century (English variant)
Western Viking / Scandinavian Early Viking (9th C) Early Viking (9th C) Viking (10th C variant) Viking (10th C variant) Late 11th century (Scandinavian variant)
Welsh & Brythonic Welsh / Brythonic


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