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This wiki covers some of the other kingdoms and cultural types of early medieval Europe.

Logo.gif Specialist culture types

  • Members of the Vikings Society may only use these kit types at Society events at the datelines indicated - if you are at all in doubt, please contact the show organisers beforehand.

Specialist culture types and kit checks

Specialised culture type from a region with significant contact with the British Isles c.800-1100 may be used as a second kit check for members of the Vikings Society seeking promotion to Drengr. These types include:

  • Norman,
  • Hiberno-Norse,
  • Eastern Viking,
  • ‘Rus, – remember that Rus kit will only be permitted at specific events. Please do not assume that you can turn up and use it! If in doubt, check beforehand.
  • Pictish,
  • Irish

Chronology of Society kit (male and female)
Kit type Earlier 9th century (c.793-850) Later 9th century (c.850-900) Earlier 10th century (c.900-970) Later 10th century (c.970-1020) Late 11th century (1050+)
Eastern Viking Option not available Viking (Eastern variant) Option not appropriate for British Isles Viking (Eastern variant) Viking (Eastern variant) Viking (Eastern variant)
Hiberno-Norse (Specialist kit type) Option not available Hiberno-Norse Option not appropriate for England Hiberno-Norse Hiberno-Norse Hiberno-Norse
Rus (Specialist kit type) Option not available Option not available Option not appropriate for British Isles Rus * Rus * [check show appropriateness]
Norman (Specialist kit type) Frankish (Carolingian / Ottonian) Option not appropriate for British Isles Late 11th century (Norman variant) Late 11th century (Norman variant)
Ecclesiastical (Specialist kit type) Ecclesiastical
Monastic (Specialist kit type) Option not available Option not available Monastic (uncommon) Monastic Monastic


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  • Rus(1 C, 11 P)