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This wiki covers some of the other kingdoms and racial types of early medieval Europe.

For completeness, the wiki includes some of the important and culturally influential areas, such as Byzantium and the Frankish empire. There is no evidence to suggest that foreigners from so far afield were present in the British Isles c.800-1100 in any noticeable number (excepting the presence of Normans from the mid-eleventh century.

Logo.gif Highly specialist racial types

  • These highly specialised racial types are included for information and for completeness. Members of the Vikings Society may not use them at Society events in the British Isles unless explicitly requested.

Highly specialist racial types and kit checks

  • While members of the Vikings Society may wish to develop kit for regions with no direct contact with the British Isles c.800-1100 (e.g. Byzantium or the Islamic world). Such kit will not ordinarily be accepted as a kit check for members of the Vikings Society seeking promotion to Drengr.

Logo.gif Highly specialised racial types and groups based abroad

A Felag of the Vikings Society based overseas may use the same core racial types, or replace them with kit types appropriate for the region in the period c.800-c.1100.

It is quite possible that the core racial types for the British Isles would be classed as highly specialised by a Felag of the Society, and vice versa.

For example, the Vikings-Italy would consider Frankish, Lombard and Byzantine kit as core racial types.


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