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The Bayeux Tapestry shows leading Norman commanders (including Duke William and Bishop Odo of Bayeux) armoured, mounted and carrying what might be described as a staff, club or mace. The caption for one scene reads: "Odo eps baculum tenens" ("Bishop Odo holding a club/staff"). Whether these were intended as melee weapons or symbols of authority (like the 20th century officer's swagger-stick) or a mixture of both (perhaps like the Roman centurion's vine-staff, frequently used to beat recalcitrant troops into line) is unclear.

Maces should not be primary combat weapons for ordinary Norman combatants. They should be restricted to high-status Normans, ideally officers or commanders.

The exact design of Norman maces is unclear. They may be a simple heavyweight wooden club, or a flanged mace on a wooden shaft. Normans should not carry small steppe maces.

Bayeux Tapestry maces.png