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The detailed kit guides published separately describe what arms and armour should look like. In addition, the Society’s weapon specifications set out the minimum standards expected from a safety perspective.

Please bear in mind the fundamental rule that safety of arms and armour should always overrule authenticity. Mandatory helmets and gloves for all combatants is not authentically accurate, but is an essential safety feature. Similarly, if a weapon is of perfectly authentic appearance but fails to meet the Society’s minimum standards (for example if it is sharp!), it will not be allowed onto the field. All members are strongly encouraged to be familiar with the Society weapon specifications.

A Viking warrior carved onto the Middleton Cross. Note the spear to his left, seax hung horizontally and sword and hand axe to his right.


Logo.gif Society weapon specifications

  • All weapons to be used in combat must be blunted and conform to the Society's minimum specifications for weapons.


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