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NOTE - this page has come straight from the old members handbook. As such, it needs significant revision.

Basic Female (Viking, English or Brythonic)

Far more than for the men this is not intended to be a definitive costume guide. All of the races had their distinctive dress and the differences got greater as the wealth of the wearer increased. What is shown here is a basic low rank costume suitable for all races, one that can be worn as part of the living history display at all of our shows regardless of historical participants or timeline. Norman women do not have a low rank costume option because they are only present in this country as members of a military elite. Any women who are part of a Norman exhibit should dress as shown here but will represent impressed local Saxons. The basic items of costume required for a female villager are as follows:

Underdress (made from linen

Overdress made from wool cloth

Head covering (scarf, cap, or Wimple)

Turn shoes (Optional)

Woollen braided or tablet woven belt

Sharp working knife (Optional)

Domestic implements (Optional)

Dark Age female.jpg

The member pictured here has a good basic costume. She is wearing a woollen overdress with coloured vents and a round neckline. The under dress is made of linen dyed a single pale colour and is fastened at the neck with a hook and eye (although ties would be equally acceptable. Around her waist she is wearing a woollen belt from which is hanging a variety of items including a knife, and on her feet she has a pair of simple turnshoes. On her head she has a tied linen scarf which fulfils both the Christian requirement for women to cover their heads in public, and keeps it out of the way while working around an open fire. A useful item not visible here would be a woollen or linen bag with a shoulder strap. Female combatants should wear the same basic costume as men of the same racial type.