Norman male, basic

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The basic items of costume required for a Norman warrior are as follows:

Undertunic (made from linen or cotton) (Optional)

Overtunic (made of woollen cloth)

Trousers or Hose ([[wool]] or linen but NOT baggy Russ trousers)

Turn shoes

Winningas (puttees)

Plain leather belt with strap end

Primary combat weapon (Spear)

Secondary combat weapon (Seax or hand axe)

Head and hand protection

Kite shield

Norman male.jpg

The member pictured here has a good basic Norman costume. He is wearing a woollen two-tone overtunic edged with tablet weave fastened at the neck by a small brooch, and over his trousers or hose he is wearing winningas, which reach up to his knee. He is armed with a spear, a sheathed seax and a suitably rimmed and decorated kite shield, which also has a leather strap to enable it to be carried slung over his shoulder. He has a plain leather belt with a suitable strap end and a pair of simple turn shoes and on his head he is wearing a steel conical helm with a nose-guard. He could replace this with hard leather ‘Phrygian’ cap, but never a Gjermundbu type helmet. For combat he has a pair of gloves with hard leather backing that may not be archeologically correct but are compulsory for all combatants. Given their status as a military elite, non-combatant is not an option for Normans.