Society Training Weekends

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The Society organises at least one Major training event each year, normally held over Easter weekend, unless we are contracted for a Major show over that period. Training is offered in:

  • Combat
  • Missiles
  • Craft skills
  • Acting
  • Society admin

Assessments and authenticity checks are run over the weekend.

We often also invite external speakers relevant to our period.

We are looking for venues for these events - please help if you can.

Regional Training Weekends

Some groups offer to host regional training weekends. The range of activities will be less, and testing will depend on the Training Officers present, but these also offer an opportunity to train with a larger number of people than possible at Group Training.

Specialist Training Weekends

Many groups e.g. the missile users and cavalry, organise specialist training weekends throughout the year to train and assess people in their specialist skills.