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Promotion within the Society

First and foremost it should be stressed that promotion is not compulsory within the Vikings – if you wish to remain a Thrall for 10 years that is your right. However, if you would like to make your way up through the ranks, read on.

Promotion takes into account 3 things - our commitment to the Society, the quality of your kit and the skills that you have learned, the last being measured through Assessments.

Thrall → Fri-hals

To be made a Fri-hals, you need to pass a Basic Test, possess one set of kit of show quality and show a satisfactory level of commitment to your group and the Society. The latter requires that a member should have been in the society a minimum of three months before being eligible for promotion.

Basic tests are usually one of Basic Combat/Spear, Archery, Sling, LHE Skills, Villager or Acting but other tests have been accepted under special circumstances.

Authenticity checks on costumes can be made at group level by a group Authenticity Thegn and/or the group leader if necessary ; if in doubt about a pass then a society authenticity officer can be consulted.

This award will normally be made by your Group Leader/Provincials Coordinator when they think you are ready.

Fri-hals → Drengr

To qualify as a Drengr you need to earn

  • 7 assessment points (including your original Basic test)
  • have two sets of kit passed as Drengr quality = 1 additional point and
  • have 20 show points (Major=3. Mediums=2. Minors=1) = 1 additional point.

You require a total of 7 assessment points + 1 kit check point (2 kit checks) + 1 show attendance point (20 show points) = 9 points

Assessment tests can be taken at most majors or Society Training Weekends and are run by the appropriate Society Officers. Please contact them in advance to book a test. Kit checks are tested by the Society Authenticity Officers and again this can generally be done at major events or Society Training Weekends. You are advised NOT to leave this until the last minute, as these checks are rigorous and you may well be asked to correct a part of your kit before a pass is issued. Again, booking a check in advance is sensible – this is particularly important if you are representing an unusual race or character and only specific Authenticity Officers can check you have correctly interpreted it. Show points are taken from the show registers on AdminDB – it is the responsibility of the organising group at any show to add the attendee list to the database but it is up to you to ensure that you have registered yourself at every event.

For more information on assessments, read

Drengr → Silver Thegn

Only given to officers who have shown at least 2 years of outstanding duty, Group Leaders can nominate for this award but it is the gift of the High Council and will be decided by them.

Silver Jarl

Awarded by the High Council to a Jarl who has shown a minimum of 2 years of outstanding service.