Acronym and jargon buster

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Acronym and jargon buster


  • 1H: 1 handed
  • 2H: 2 handed (weapon)
  • 2IC: 2nd in Command


  • AO: Authenticity Officer


  • BSA: Battlefield Safety Assessment
  • Battle Captain: Runs battles and is responsible for everthing in the arena


  • CAT: Certified Authenticity Thegn
  • CSO : CAT Support Officer (support trainee to the CATs)


  • DARF : Dark Age Relief Fund. A members-support-and-self-help fund that sends cards, gifts and small monetary support.
  • Drengr: Next Ranks after Fri-Hals. A Drengr has passed a number of skill


  • Fri-hals: Next rank after Thrall. A Fri-hals needs to possess a basic set of costume, have passed a basic skill assessment.


  • GTO: Group Training Officer


  • HC: High Council
  • High Council: A group of heads (of departments) and representatives appointed by the Konungr
  • Hersir Person who helps run battles
  • HOD: Head of department.


  • Jarl: A Jarl is an officer, either the leader of a group or someone responsible for a particular area of Society activity such as combat training or Health and Safety. This rank can be held as an individual or as part of a role. While the society does not have a militaristic rank system, this is a senior and respected person.


  • Kitten: Trainee CAT
  • Konungr: The Konungr is the leader of the Society.


  • LHE: Living History Encampment


  • MOP: Member of the public.


  • PR: Public Relations
  • Plastic: Inauthentic camping area.
  • Plastic Camp: Inauthentic camping area.


  • RAT: Recognised Acting Thegn
  • ROT: Recognised orginational Thegn. Arena setup/support, marshalling and a whole lot more.
  • RTT: Recognised training Thegn. A person who has been appointed by the society in a particular area. Usually this person is qualified to conduct assessments. If no qualifier is applied the person is probably a RTT(c) for historical reason.
  • RTT(c) : Recognised Training Thegn (combat)
  • RTT(m) : Recognised Training Thegn (missiles)
  • RTT(v) : Recognised Training Thegn (village)


  • Silver (Jarl/Thegn): The silver denotes the person has been granted the rank individually and will retain it even if they stop doing the roll it was originally awarded for.
  • STW: Society Training Weekend


  • Thegn: Thegns are officers either within a Group or holding a Society position. This rank can be held as an individual or as part of a role. While the society dose not have a militaristic rank system this is a senior and respected person.
  • Thrall: Everyone who joins the Society starts as a Thrall, who is busy acquiring kit and learning a first skill.


  • VMAIL : Email list open to all members of the sociaty on which important (and less important) information is published.