In Remembrance

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In Remembrance

The Valkyr are always among us

Choosing as they are bidden

Warriors for Odin’s Mighty Host

Or folk for Freya's field

Age does not hinder them

For while the body fails

The Viking spirit burns bright forever

Thus the Einherjar grow ever stronger

While we that remain

Remember those who have gone before us

by Pete James

Our Remembrance Ceremony

The Roll of the Fallen

Year Those we remember Group(s)
2024 Sue Fisher Jorvik
Bryan Betts Valhalla/Temesvik
2023 Carol Ward Wryngwyrm
Stephen ‘Bam Bam’ Southward Herlid
Neil Coward Hrafnsdale
Russell Scott Cwmwd Ial
Charles ‘Frogge’ Fox Amounderness
Lew Squires-Hand Morvelydh
Diana Doolan Hrafnsdale
2022 Duncan Holmes Glasgow
Keith Degroot (Saracen) London Battle Group
Roz Sheard Dahrg de Belne
Neil Paull Saeberts Folc
Jon Parfitt Hwicce
2021 Robert Low Glasgow
Geoff Carter, High Elder Blackpool
2020 Rob Marchment Wryngwyrm
Andy Horwood (Wiglaf) Wryngwyrm
James Theophine Hrafnsdale
2019 Dorothy Monks Hrafnsdale
2018 Bryce Holmes Glasgow
2017 Chris Robinson, High Elder Danelaw
2015 Jude Bloomfield Ousekjarr & Volsung
Jon Scholes Ydalir
2014 Tony Sayer, High Elder Provincial member
2012 Stephen Morris Ydalir
2011 Frania Juchnowicz Ormsheim
Mikael Marsden Glasgow
2007 Paul Allen Gesithas
Gillian Warren Gesithas
2003 Gerry East, High Elder London Battle Group