Brythonic male, basic

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The basic items of costume required for a Brythonic warrior are as follows:

Undertunic (made from linen) (Optional)

Overtunic (made of wool cloth)

Trousers (optional but NOT baggy ‘Rus’ trousers)

Turn shoes (Optional)

Plain leather Male belt

Primary combat weapon (Axe or Spear)

Round shield

Head and hand protection.

Brythonic male.JPG

The member pictured here has a good basic costume. He is wearing a woollen overtunic with a visible pattern in the weave, fastened at the neck by a hook and eye. He is wearing trousers (optional) and on his feet he is wearing a pair of simple turn shoes. His cloak has been wrapped over his shoulder and the belt fastened over the top. He is armed with a spear, a sheathed knife (not visible) and a suitably rimmed small round shield. He has a plain leather belt with a suitable strap end and on his head he is wearing a steel domed helmet. This is probably not archeologically correct for this class of warrior but some sort of head protection is compulsory for all combatants. He could instead have a conical helm with (or without) a nose-guard or even a helmet made entirely of hard leather. For non-combatant men the same costume would be worn but without the weapons or amour protection.

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