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Welcome to "The Vikings!" Wiki

The wiki is intended to help you find all you need to know about membership of "The Vikings!" reenactment society. The information on these pages will be as correct, and up to date, as we can make it but the official versions of any rules and regulations will be as published in the official Society guides and documentation and stored on DocStore. The wiki is intended to make some of this material more accessible, not to replace the detailed documentation.

This wiki is currently under construction and probably always will be! Whilst editing a page is limited to only a few Society members, the "Discussion" tab, which anyone can edit, allows everyone to question and debate. We encourage you to use it.

Logo.gif Official Society rules

  • While the wiki is intended to provide a wide range of helpful information, it also includes formal rules and regulations which apply to members of the Vikings Society and any guests attending our events. These are indicated in text boxes with the Society logo, like this.


A full list of all pages on the wiki can be found on the alphabetical index page.

Membership of The Vikings

Joining the Vikings


Health and Safety

Publicity and Communications

Clothing and personal kit

Authenticity and the Vikings Society

Who we portray

Basic costume

Specialist costume and equipment

Making kit and costume

Arms and Armour

Skills and Specialisations



Taking part in Acting Displays




Craft Training

Ships and Sailing


Viking Role-Playing

Knowing more

Context and background

Further reading


The History of the Society

Online archive

The society operates an online archive system at which has over 50000 items listed dating from the early 1970s up to the present day. The aim of the archive is to present as much of the history of the society as we can for public consumption, including photos, videos, documents, event flyers and posters, and anything else (including old kit and clothing) which is part of our shared heritage.

More recent documents may be subject to restricted access for a short time for obvious commercial reasons.

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